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Moderate Rebels

May 27, 2020

Brazilian independent journalist Nathália Urban discusses the surge of fascist militias and Evangelical extremists in Brazil, where President Jair Bolsonaro is putting the military in power.

We also address his refusal to do anything to stop the Covid-19 pandemic, and how Brazil has thus become the world's...

May 15, 2020

The Soviet Union played the leading role in defeating Nazi Germany in World War II, but the US government has tried to erase its unimaginable sacrifice. Historian Peter Kuznick discusses the real history of WWII, and how 80% of Nazis were killed on the Eastern Front with the USSR.

We also address the new cold war on...

May 5, 2020

Israeli journalist David Sheen tells the shocking story of how extremists suspected of murdering Palestinian American activist Alex Odeh in a terrorist attack in California in 1985 are living openly in Israel.

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton also discuss the fascist Zionist movement Kahanism and its growing influence...