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Moderate Rebels

Dec 12, 2020

Ben Norton was invited to give this talk on US imperialism in Latin America, for the Workers' Party of Ireland. He discusses the history from European settler colonialism, through the Monroe Doctrine, the first cold war, and the three great socialist revolutions, to the 21st-century resurgence of the left in the Pink Tide.


0:03 European settler colonialism in the Americas
9:30 US colonialism and Monroe Doctrine
18:51 Rebellions against US military occupations
24:43 First cold war and OAS
27:10 Latin American left's 3 great revolutions
38:23 Pink Tide and socialism in the 21st century

1:01:57 Mexico and AMLO
1:13:00 White supremacy and political construction of the West
1:18:07 US military presence in Latin America
1:22:40 Ecuador and Lenin Moreno
1:29:13 Russia and China relations in Latin America
1:39:02 Climate change, oil, extractivism, and renewable energy
1:48:14 Outro