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Moderate Rebels

Nov 26, 2020

US president-elect Joe Biden has filled his transition team with hawkish neoliberal war-profiteering holdovers from the Barack Obama administration. Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton speak with Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada about how the specter of Obama haunts America - and controls the Democratic Party.

We review passages from Obama's new memoir "A Promised Land," and how they expose his sociopathic imperial worldview. We also discuss how Rahm Emanuel's neoliberal model in Chicago is being copied nationwide.

And we address Biden's cabinet picks, including liberal interventionist Antony Blinken and neocon Michele Flournoy, as well as Democratic support for Israeli apartheid.

Links and show notes:

Part 1 of 2

(Episode recorded November 25, 2020)