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Moderate Rebels

May 5, 2020

Israeli journalist David Sheen tells the shocking story of how extremists suspected of murdering Palestinian American activist Alex Odeh in a terrorist attack in California in 1985 are living openly in Israel.

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton also discuss the fascist Zionist movement Kahanism and its growing influence inside Netanyahu's government.


Show notes:


Part 1: "Netanyahu's coronavirus coalition consolidates apartheid: Inside Israel's extremism with David Sheen"

(Interview recorded on April 21, 2020)


David Sheen's website:

David's report "Alex Odeh was assassinated. Two suspects live openly in Israel"

David's report "Trump’s Jerusalem plan rewards suspected killer of Alex Odeh"

David's lecture "Messiah Mode"

David's lecture "Israeli Politics Decoded"

David's video documenting the extremist fascist views of Baruch Ben Yosef / Andy Green