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Moderate Rebels

Jun 21, 2018

Moderate Rebels episode 20 - Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton speak with journalist Ali Abunimah about the global assault on Palestine — by the US, Israel, Gulf monarchies, and regime changers. We detail Israel's massacre of protesters in Gaza's Great March of Return. We discuss the censorship of Al Jazeera's groundbreaking documentary on the Israel lobby in the US. And we explain how Syria regime change trolls divided the movement for Palestinian rights.

0:00 INTRO
(PART 1 - Israel's butchering of Gaza's Great March of Return)
2:00 Killing Gaza
4:55 Great March of Return
10:17 Kites and tires
12:51 IDF's intentional disabling of Palestinian protesters
20:43 Nikki Haley and the US at the UN
22:43 BDS victories
25:28 The Democratic Party and Bernie Sanders
(PART 2 - Israel lobby censors groundbreaking Al Jazeera documentary on Israel lobby)
31:05 Al Jazeera documentary on Israel lobby in US
34:30 Qatar
39:31 Pro-Israel community split over Qatar
42:49 Washington, DC and the Saudi-Israel alliance
44:02 The neutering of Al Jazeera
(PART 3 - How Syria regime change trolls divided the Palestine solidarity movement)
48:07 Attempts to sow division in the movement for Palestinian rights
53:21 Pro-Israel groups' alliance with Syria regime change trolls
56:53 Attacks and censorship
1:00:50 OUTRO